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Congratulations to our Regional Commissioner, Lungie, on her recent appointment as Deputy Chief Commisioner!

Congratulations also to Mpho who was elected onto the National boards as a Youth Member! She was also awarded the Naledi (young star) award.

Well done!


Centenary mascot handover!

We met at the Union Buildings early in the morning on the 13th of March. All of the Teddies, Brownies, Guides and Rangers in the region were there. We played games together until the bus arrived. We then drove through Pretoria on an open bus, singing, cheering and yelling. Guiding is still alive!

When we reached Bamber, we continued with the centenary mascot handover event. Well done to Emlee who presented the speech for the tree planting event! Congratulations to Emma who was awarded her Protea Award!!!

The event closed with prayer, after which refreshments were served. Thank you to all who attended!


Well, we are launching yet another attempt to restart our Ranger Crew!

We met today for a planning session. Some planning was done, some brainstorming as well and much watermelon was consumed!

Once our planning was completed (sort of) we removed to the garage to stencil T-Shirts. And substantially change the colour of our hands and fingers!

A good time was had by all.


Welcome to this (hopefully) temporary website! I hope that it fulfills its purpose in being a useful communication medium between members of our crew.